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Eucalyptus deglupta

Common namesMindanao gum, kamarere
Ecocrop code1019

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tall fast-growing evergreen tree reaching a height of 35-80 m and a diameter of up to over 200 cm. The bole is usually 1/2 to 3/4 of the tree height. USES The timber is suitable for flooring, furniture, boat building, light and heavy construction, particle board, veener, plywood and pulpwood. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. The tree may reach 44 m in height in 15 years. Can be grown on 20 years rotations for sawlogs, or on 6-7 years rotations for pulpwood. COMMON NAMES Mindanao gum, Kamarere, Bagras, Leda, Kaju Leda, Aiala, Kayu kawan, Banikag, Amamanit. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: E. multiflora, E. naudiniana, E. schlechteri. Mindanao gum can be found at elevations from sea level to 2500 m. The tree occur naturally within the latitudinal range of 10°N-11°S. The tree is adapted to areas with summer rainfall, but it does not grow well in regions with a pronounced dry season. It is commonly found in lowland rain forests habitats along rivers, on cleared or disturbed areas, eg. landslide areas, vulcanic blast areas or old shifting cultivation sites. Optimum annual wood production is 14-50 m3/ha. The tree very susceptible to fire, intolerant of drought and young trees are brittle and easily damaged by strong winds. Mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. A pulpwood plantation may yield 200-300 m3/ha at 10-12 years of age and a 20 year old plantation managed for sawlog production may yield about 520 m3/ha from trees up to 55 m tall and with a diameter of about 50 cm in breast height.
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