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Stipa tenacissima

Common names
Ecocrop code10092

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A grass with slender culms from 60-120 cm high. It can be divided into two commercial varieties, cordage alfa and paper-making alfa. The cordage variety has about 40 cm long leaves, while the paper-making alfa leaves varie between 15-100 cm in length . USES The leaves and stems can be used to make fine paper, cordage, sails, and mats. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Esparto, Halfa, Alfa, Pfriemengras, Spanish grass. FURTHER INF Esparto occurs in the Mediterranen area and in southwestern United States. It is best adapted to areas where the relative humidity is low. In northern Africa it can be found at elevations between 300-1200 m. The grass is drought resistant.
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