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Sterculia villosa

SynonymsSterculia armata Mast., Sterculia ornata Wall. ex Kurz
Common names
Ecocrop code10082

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small to large, often spreading deciduous tree with grey or brown bark covered with corky nodules. It has large long-stalked deeply lobed leaves and yellow flowers. USES The bast yields a strong fibre used for rough cordage and the cortex yields a white gum. KILLING T Frost tolerant. GROWING PERIOD Fast-growing perennial. In India, flowers appear from January to March, new leaves appear in April-May, the fillicles ripen in May-June and the leaves are shed in November-December. COMMON NAMES Udal, Chilla, Odal, Odela, Odla, Omak, Salua, Sardol, God-gudala, Odala, Udal, Udar, Bilidale, Chauri, Kaithali, Kalsoge, Sage, Somukai, Savaya, Vakka, Vekka, Muruthon, Kuthada, Sarda, Sarde, Kodalo, Sisir, God-godalo, Gulbodla, Gulkandar, Massau, Vakkainar, Anainar, Kavali, Kottaithanaku, Murathan, Vakenar, Arni, Kummarapoliki, Kumaraparaku. FURTHER INF Udal can be found at elevations between sea level and 1050 m. In India, the tree is adapted to a elative humidity in January of 50-90% and in July of 70-100%.
SOURCES (Sterculia villosa Roxb.)
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